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Tribal Fishhook Sterling Silver Men's Pendants

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  • Hand-molded from solid sterling silver;
  • Pendant size: 18mm x 50mm;
  • Pendant weight: 15 grams;
  • Necklace is not included.

Bikers are big fans of unusual, sometimes even leftfield accessories with quirky symbolism. Crosses, skulls, dragons, eagles, or motorcycle parts are among the most popular motifs. But if you want something new, fresh, and startling, our Tribal Fishhook silver men’s pendant is a great alternative to classic biker jewelry.

Crafted from solid sterling silver, this hook-like pendant has an interesting multi-faceted meaning. Sure, if you are an avid angler, you can easily pull it off without any hidden significance, but it can offer much more than a testimony of your hobby. For example, in Polynesia, people wore hook talismans to attract good luck in all endeavors; so to speak, to "catch luck by a hook." Such a symbolism gave an inspiration to our artisans who added etched elements and distinctive sharp-edged S silhouette to resemble tribal crafts.So, you can flaunt our Fishhook silver men’s pendant as a talisman to draw luck. Besides this positive meaning, many people resort to hooks as a way to immortalize a certain event or people in their lives, something or someone a person has been ‘hooked on’. On the other hand, it may indicate a period of depression in your life when you felt like a fish out of water and suffocated without the air. But you survived it and had the strength to move on.

If you are a believer, you probably know that the Christian religion has many water-related symbols such as anchors, fish, etc. A hook may refer to the piscatorial past of Saint Peter, whom Jesus called ‘the fisher of men’.

So, whether you are a spiritual person or just looking for a sharp accessory, our Tribal Fishhook silver men’s pendant is a worthy catch!

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