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Tribal Blade Tusk Pendant

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Once upon a time, fangs of predators were an excellent trophy. Fearless hunters hung them around the neck to manifest their courage and skills in hunting. These fangs, as well as bones and small skulls, were the very first jewelry. Millennia later, men still do not mind showcasing their strength and virility through jewelry. The new addition to our jewelry collection, the Tribal Blade Tusk Pendant, is the apotheosis of audacious men’s neck ornaments. Like the icing on a cake, it will make your badass look complete. The pendant carries curly tribal patters that simultaneously resemble flames, bones, and roots. There is something raw and unbridled in them. At the same time, this design conveys the connection with nature. The bottom of the pendant is shaped like a sharp dagger to remind us that many centuries ago, it was the only means of survival. Luckily, today we don’t need any daggers to survive, yet it’s great to have a reminder of the life our ancestors had.

This Tribal Blade Tusk Pendant is hand-molded of sterling silver. It is a durable, tough, and noble metal. We carefully polished it to enhance its eye-catching quality. At the same time, we left a few spots untouched to convey its tribal nature. Hang this pendant on a leather cord or thin silver necklace and you’ll surely attract a lot of attention.

  • made of high-grade solid sterling silver;
  • 926 hallmark stamp on the back;
  • Pendant size 23 mm x 50 mm (approx, 1” x 2”);
  • Pendant weight approximately 11 grams;
  • Hand-made product;
  • A necklace is not included.
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