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Sterling Silver Worm Skull Necklace

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  • a combination of solid sterling silver and brass accent;
  • 925 stamp sits on the skull pendant;
  • Pendant and necklace total weight: 64 grams;
  • Pendant’s weight: 24 grams;
  • Necklace link width: 5 mm;
  • Pendant skull head dimensions: 22 mm x 44 mm x 25 mm (0.85” x 1.75” x 1.00”);
  • Made by hand

Intricately-made, beautiful, and twofold in its design, this Sterling Silver Worm Skull Necklaces is a must-have for every audacious fashionista. There is more to this formidable piece of jewelry that meets the eye; you’ll like its hidden significance, too.

A skull is an ancient symbol of death but add a snake to it (or, in our case, it is a worm), and its meaning will do a 180-degree turn. A living creature crawling out of the eye socket symbolizes immortality and wisdom. It as if says that our knowledge and experience remain even after our death. Thanks to this meaning, this piece of jewelry becomes more than a match for thinkers, doers, and dreamers. If you enjoy bold symbolism embodied in an intriguing shape, you won’t go wrong with putting this hell of a necklace on your neck.

Life and death, destruction and immortality – these opposites are an innate part of the skull. We reflected this duality in intricate carvings alongside a smooth polished finish. The skull’s companion, the worm, flaunts the reddish brass finish. Every detail you see in this piece is carefully made by the hands of our talented silversmiths. A dash of individuality is what you require to build a mesmerizing look that won’t leave anyone cold.

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