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Sterling Silver Tribal Purple Evil Eyeball Ring

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Sterling Silver Dark Purple Evil Eyeball Ring New

  • Made of topnotch 925 sterling silver;
  • The eye is made of polymer material;
  • The ring’s interior features the 925 hallmark stamp;
  • Weight: 18 grams;
  • Ring face dimensions: 26 mm x 23 mm (1.0” x 0.9”);
  • This is a handmade ring.

Traditional protective symbols get new exciting forms in Bikerringshop workshops. In this ring, we transformed the much-loved evil eye into a quirky piece of jewelry.

This Sterling Silver Tribal Purple Evil Eyeball Ring has a huge eye set in precious metal. Why did we choose this symbol for our jewelry? It’s because eyes, and especially evil eyes, ward off evil. The bigger this eye is, the stronger its powers. This evil eye is as large as possible. It takes the center portion of the setting to command attention and provide protection against malevolent gazes.

The eye is complemented with a jagged design that resembles the teeth of a predator monster. The resemblance with the monster gets even stronger as you look at the shank. It’s covered with black dots referring to scales and an original detailing that looks like grills. This design benefits from silver’s ability to be black and white. We didn’t spare blackening to make the ring even more expressive.

Here, at Bikerringshop, we are committed to crafting jewelry by hand, and this ring is a great example of our craftsmanship. We utilized top-of-the-range sterling silver and polymer material to give you a piece of jewelry that is not also leftfield but also capable of serving you as a talisman.

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