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Sterling Silver Star Cross Ring

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Sterling Silver Star Cross Ring ~New

  • Material: top-notch 925 sterling silver;
  • 925 hallmark is seen inside the band;
  • Ring’s weight: 18 grams;
  • Face dimensions: 23 mm x 27 mm (0.9” x 1.1”);
  • Hand-made product.

Royal allure is affordable to everyone with Sterling Silver Star Cross Ring from Bikerringshop. With the symbols of power, regal grace, and premium materials, this ring is bound to separate you from the crowd.

The ring is centered around the fleur de lis symbol otherwise known as the royal lily. This Heralding and Gothic symbol is found on crests of noble families throughout Europe. You don’t need to have blue blood in your veins to flaunt this beautiful image. Courtesy of Bikerringshop, it will take pride of place in your jewelry, no strings attached. The curvy lines of the lily transition into leaves and swirls that spread across the shank. No matter the angle you choose to look at your ring, intricate designs will tantalize the eye.

The center portion of the ring is given to a different image, a four-point star. The ancient symbol stands for the sun and the light in the dark. Besides, it represents good luck and achievements. That’s a great addition to your jewelry if you believe in the power of symbols.

This ring is crafted of high-quality silver, which is known to enhance the protective and patronizing qualities of symbolism. You’ll be glad to learn that this is a hand-made piece of jewelry because we want our best designs to carry a great deal of individuality.

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