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Sterling Silver Spider Skull Ring

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Sterling Silver Spider Skull Ring New

  • Made of 925 sterling silver;
  • 925 hallmark stamp is placed inside the band;
  • Ring size: 7/8” x 7/8” (22 mm x 22 mm);
  • Weight: 25 grams;
  • Made by hand.

Sterling Silver Spider Skull Ring from Bikerringshop is a real humdinger of biker jewelry. It has everything an avid motorcyclist can wish for: glistening of sterling silver, solid weight combined with imposing size, and, of course, statement symbolism.

The heart and soul of the ring is a large furious skull. You can see a stern expression on its fleshless face – it frowns, its nostrils flare, its teeth are exposed. It is not a friendly skull. However, it can serve you well to safeguard you from misfortunes and accidents. In the biker community, skulls are known as protection against death. So, if you’re looking for protective symbols, it’s worth taking a closer look at skulls.

You can notice that this skull is clutched between two hands. These bony fingers resemble the legs of a spider, a creature that is equal parts creative and deadly. This image can have multiple explanations. It can represent the struggle with death, the desire to break free from shackles or something that holds you down. Be that as it may, you can give this image a meaningful interpretation. In the people’s eyes, this ring is going to be a badass enhancement for your personal style.

We crafted this piece from fine sterling silver – the stamp that refers to this material (925) is inside the band. To give a taste of real designer jewelry, we make all our rings by hand.


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