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Sterling Silver Snake Ring

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  • hand-cast from 100% 925 sterling silver;
  • respectful weight of 22 grams courtesy of solid silver;
  • black CZ stones inlays;
  • 925 stamp inside the ring;
  • Width 50 mm;
  • Height 75 mm.

There’s more to this Snake Sterling Silver Ring than meets the eye. It is imbued with symbolism that will please every individual seeking meaningful amulet jewelry.

Snake jewelry has been around for over three thousand years. The snake is the personification of power and pure energy. It is a mighty talisman that many civilizations of the ancient world believed in, including Egyptian, Indian, Ancient Roman, and Ancient Greek.Our Snake Sterling Silver Ring carries dualistic symbolism. Since the snake sheds old skin from time to time, it has been considered a symbol of death and rebirth. The snake is associated with life and, at the same time, with death. It stands for the forces of spiritual destruction that make a person give in to the temptation of power and wealth. The snake is a multiаfaceted and universal symbol. It can personify the solar and lunar principles alike, male and female nature, good and evil, wisdom and blind passion, healing and poison, change and transformation.

If you are a person who is no stranger to the mystical symbolism of the snake, then Snake Sterling Silver Ring by Bikerringshop will be right up your street. The snake, wriggling around your finger, no doubt will turn heads anywhere you go. Each scale is carved by hand with great attention to detail. The head of the snake is encrusted with black stones that glitter in her eyes. The astrological sign of the Lunar Node is carved on her forehead. The ring features luxurious weight thanks to solid sterling silver. It will be a great addition to jewelry collections of every fashionista.

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