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Sterling Silver Snake Head Bracelet

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  • solid sterling silver;
  • weight: 94 grams;
  • width: 19 mm (3/4”);
  • 4 sizes are available;
  • Cast, assembled, and finished by hand.

A symbol that frightens some people and hypnotizes the other, the snake is a bold fashion choice. It wraps around your wrist to tell everyone near and far that you’re an audacious fashionista. Sterling Silver Snake Head Bracelet is a great pick for everyone in love with serpents and the things they represent.

What are these things? A snake is an ancient symbol of health, resurrection, and regeneration. It is dangerous but also wise. As you see, there are plenty of reasons to make a symbol of snake part of your wardrobe. Not to mention, this serpent is beautiful in its color and scale pattern. We attempted to recreate a snake’s signature look in this men’s bracelet and it came out badass.This bracelet doesn’t have standard round links. Instead, each link is a snake that took the S shape – a real serpentarium on your wrist. The snakes’ look isn’t friendly, you can see it in their open, as if hissing, mouth. But don’t worry, it’s a true pleasure to flaunt this snake-adorned piece. It is luxuriously heavy (almost 100 grams of sterling silver!) as befits men’s jewelry, durable, and easy to fasten.

We always craft our jewelry by hand, and this bracelet is no different. Let yourself benefit from an original design and superb craftsmanship provided by our expert jewelers.

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