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Sterling Silver Skull Jesus Chain Necklace

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Sterling Silver Skull Mary & Jesus Chain Necklace New

  • 100% Solid sterling silver, polished.
  • Necklace Length : 25.5" Inches (64.7 cm)
  • Drop Length Measure : 6 1/4" inches (16 cm.)
  • Necklace Weight: Approximately 74 grams.
  • A 925 hallmark is placed on the clasp’s back;
  • Jesus pendant measures: 25 mm 42 mm (1.0” x 1.60”)

The new addition to our men’s jewelry collection is the true epitome of Gothic. This sterling silver skull Jesus chain necklace carries some of the much-loved Gothic symbols including skulls, crucifixes, and icons.

The first thing that catches the eye is a large (42 mm long) crucifix pendant. As befits Gothic imagery, it features budded bars and swirly detailing. Up the cross, you will notice a skull-embellished drop crowned with an icon. On one of its sides, it features the icon of Mary, but flip it over and it turns into the image of Jesus. This time his appearance is much more peaceful. These symbols show that without struggle there is no peace. And if you believe in resurrection (and if you’re Goth, you surely do), an image of Jesus on the cross and then his ascension to heaven perfectly conveys this idea.The necklace accenting the pendant and icons is very different from regular chain pieces. It offers a train of skulls, which are a recognized death image and, at the same time, a symbol of eternal life.

The whole piece is crafted from sterling silver, a precious and alluring metal that is easy to flaunt and maintain. If you’re familiar with Bikerringshop jewelry, it’ll come as no surprise that we made our skull Jesus necklace by hand.

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