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Sterling Silver Scorpion Pendant

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Sterling Silver Small Scorpion Pendant New

  • Approximate pendant size: 22mm x 30mm.
  • Material: Solid Sterling Silver
  • 925 trademark on the back
  • Pendant weight : 7 Grams.
  • Ideal gift for anyone

This fierce-looking scorpion is not one you’d want to mess with – he has a highly emotional soul and gets upset easily. And when he’s upset, he has some powerful weapons at his disposal!

A symbol of passion, defence, transformation and dominance, if you think of the scorpion as your spirit animal it is fair to say that you are a feisty character! Nobody wants to get on your bad side because they know how dangerous that would be! You are probably incredibly resilient too, since the scorpion can go for up to a year without food or water.

Our Sterling Silver Scorpion Pendant has been made to emulate this intense personality, with incredible carved details that include dark sunken eyes and a curved spine that ends in a spiral of vicious venom. His sharp mouthpiece and large, shiny pincers are very evident in the design, and each limb has been carefully crafted to appear almost real. This is a silver masterpiece of construction, made from the highest quality solid silver metal and finished with a good polish to make those pincers look extra shiny and imposing.This pendant is sold without the chain, so you can add your scorpion to your choice of necklace. It is large, light and eye-catching, with the 925 mark of quality discreetly displayed on the reverse side for reassurance of design. A must-have piece for your jewellery collection, this is a fantastic gift for anyone who has the ability to give a viscous nip when needed!

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