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Sterling Silver Rope Chain Bracelet

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Sterling Silver Rope Chain Bracelet New

  • Material: topnotch 925 sterling silver;
  • Handcrafted piece of jewelry;
  • 925 hallmark sits on the clasp;
  • Rugged rope chain design;
  • Link width: 10 mm (0.4”);
  • Weight: 28 grams

Our Sterling Silver Rope Chain Bracelet is luxuriously heavy, masculine, and rugged. At the same time, it provides exquisite rope detailing embellished with swirly patterns. This bracelet makes a perfect gift for a guy, especially if he’s into motorcycling, rock, or Gothic.

Each link is a small masterpiece. Everything starting from its shape to its style is worthy of note. Coiled like a DNA spiral, the chain packs a powerful punch and attracts amazed gazes from near and far. Thanks to a combination of black and white silver, the link design boasts incredible definition and decorative quality. At the same time, we got to introduce two contrasting textures. Smooth, polished and shiny silver juxtaposes a rough and matte finish. Link width of 10 mm provides an opportunity to discern every single detail.

The bracelet is complemented with a large T-bar clasp. It is easy to operate with one hand, and it harmoniously complements rugged link design. The bracelet is made of solid silver, which provides a nice weight of 38 grams. Just like any other piece in our collection, this bracelet is cast and finished by hand. This guarantees outstanding quality and perfection in every line. Along with that, each piece possesses strong individuality, which is the main virtue of manual production.

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