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Sterling Silver Red Eyes Owl Ring

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Sterling Silver Red Eyes Big Owl Ring !New

  • constructed from solid sterling silver;
  • 925 hallmark sits inside the ring’s band;
  • Ring’s weight – 22 grams;
  • Face dimensions: 23 mm x 32 mm (0.90” x 1.25”);
  • Features two red CZ stones;
  • Made by hand.

The symbol of wisdom, darkness, and death, owls have been exciting people’s minds from time immemorial. Many of us would like to be just like these nocturnal creatures – attentive, deft, and impetuous. If owls are your inspiration, you can have one as your totem animal. This Sterling Silver Red Eyes Owl Ring is designed to be a powerful talisman and stylish addition to your look.When crafting this piece, we focused on the features we love owls for. The keen eyes, adorable ear tufts, a stern expression of their faces – these silver feathered creatures look as if they were alive! We carved every feather and every face feature by hand to maximize similarity with nocturnal predators. Our owl has red eyes though; we used a pair of red cubic zirconia stones to make the owl’s look even more dramatic.You’d be surprised with the size and weight of this piece. 22 grams of sterling silver put this ring in the category of jewelry heavyweights. Thanks to dimensions exceeding 1”, your ring is going to be clearly visible to everyone coming close. Put it on and make sure for yourself that it is a great conversation starter.

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