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Sterling Silver Prisoner Skull Rings

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  • Molded from 925 sterling silver;
  • 925 stamp on the inside;
  • Ring face dimensions: 22mm x 21mm;
  • Ring weight 22 grams.
  • It is a great jewelry piece to add to your biker, rocker, or Gothic wardrobe;
  • Crafted and polished by hand.

Sterling Silver Prisoner Skull Ring by Bikerringshop is one hell of a ring. It features a common biker symbol, the skull, but with it twist – the skull is kept in captivity. But this skull is very angry and furious so it cannot wait till it can break free. There are some cracks in the bricks so soon it will succeed. Unleash your inner demons with our tricksy bad-to-the-bone biker skull ring.

In biker culture, skulls have a positive meaning denoting hope for after life and resurrection but their primal meaning is death. Each side of the ring features a Latin cross and you understand that there is not just a petty demon inside but the Death itself. Maybe while the death is locked, you will delay the visit of the Grim Reaper? Or maybe it means that you can hide the unsightly sides of your personality such as greed, jealousy, lust, fear, etc. and won’t let them take control of you? The cool thing about skull biker rings is that you can give it any meaning you want, which makes them a more personal and intimate item.This ring is made stout to mimic a prison’s brick walls. At the same time, you can see so many cracks that it becomes clear that these walls are no longer able to hold back their captive. The skull has become a part of its cell and you can see cracks on its brow as well. The ring is cast from sturdy sterling silver polished to catch the light while the recessed elements are treated with blackening for more definition and dimension.

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