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Sterling Silver Pixiu Ring

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Sterling Silver Pixiu Head Ring ~Brand New

  • made of top-of-the-range sterling silver;
  • 925 hallmark can be found inside the band;
  • Ring’s face size: 25 mm x 23 mm (1.0” x 0.9”);
  • Ring’s weight: 24 grams;
  • This product is hand-crafted.

Looking for prosperity, good luck, and happiness? Then you need a powerful talisman such as this Sterling Silver Pixiu Ring. The creature depicted in this ring came straight from Chinese myths to make your life better. In case you don’t believe in good luck symbols, this original piece of jewelry will beneficially affect your look.

Pixiu is the ninth son of the dragon; it has a lion head and mighty wings. They say it can sense gold and silver thus bringing wealth to everyone who owns a Pixiu talisman. Now you, too, are able to summon the powers of the mythical creatures by putting this ring on your finger. Despite its frightening look, Pixiu will become your best friend.Since the creature loves treasures, we couldn’t help but craft it from precious metal. Our choice is sterling silver, the metal with its own mystical powers. Thanks to its ductility, we recreated the Pixiu image with striking attention to detail. This ring is a product of painstaking labor since we cast and polished it by hand. Let yourself benefit from the ultimate quality and strong personality these rings ooze.

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