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Sterling Silver Phantom Skull Biker Wallet Chain

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925 Sterling Silver Phantom Skull Biker Wallet Chain New

  • Constructed from premium 925 sterling silver;
  • The clasp carries 925 hallmark;
  • Weight: approximately 216 grams;
  • Length: 23” (58 cm);
  • Link width: 0.6” (15 mm);
  • Hand-made piece.

It doesn’t get more badass than a display of ferocious skulls. With Sterling Silver Phantom Skull Biker Wallet Chain brought to you by Bikerringshop, you’ll be able to take your biker style up a notch. This piece is equally epic, well-made, and audacious.

Instead of traditional links, this wallet chain is assembled from an array of not-so-small skulls. With oversized eye sockets and menacing grins, the skulls lend dashing appeal. Each skull holds a bone-like bridle in its mouth thus attaching itself to its peer. Skulls are a widespread symbol in the biker community representing brotherhood, wisdom, protection against death, and many more surprisingly positive meanings. So you if want to fit in with a motorcycle club, it makes sense to upgrade your look with skulls.

Another popular biker symbol, the cross, sits on the lobster clasp. It takes cues from Gothic fashion, which is evident in the curvy detailing and elegant lines. The lever is adorned with one more symbol widespread in the motorcycle and Goth communities. The royal lily, otherwise known as Fleur de Lis, speaks of nobility and dignity.

This wallet chain is made of solid sterling silver, and the 925 hallmark to prove it is stamped on the clasp. We craft our biker jewelry by hand, and this piece is no exception.

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