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Sterling Silver Owl Pendant Necklace

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Sterling Silver Red Eyes Owl Pendant Necklace

  • crafted from topnotch 925 sterling silver;
  • comes with red CZ inlays;
  • dimensions: 24 mm x 47 mm (0.95” x 1.85”);
  • weight: 21 grams;
  • 2 mm silver necklace comes at an extra cost;
  • This product is crafted by hand.

The ambivalent symbol of owl represents wisdom and knowledge and simultaneously darkness and death. The nocturnal bird sees everything, it relentlessly chases its prey, it is able to dispel the darkness. If you carry an aura of a mysterious and intelligent person, the owl symbol is the best way to emphasize who you really are.Sterling Silver Owl Pendant Necklace from Bikerringshop is a stylish and meaningful addition to your style. You will surely appreciate the skillful execution, beauty, and spectrum of meanings this symbol possesses. Our expert silversmiths carved every detail whether it is feathers or a stern face expression with utmost attention and precision worthy of praise. They polished silver to mirror shine while simultaneously introducing darkened accents for extra definition and realism. The pendant comes complete with red CZ stones for the eyes, which enhance the magnetism this feathered predator radiates.

We made this piece by hand, just like any other item in our jewelry collection. You deserve to have jewelry with a unique design and undeniable individuality. We guarantee the pendant is made of top-quality genuine silver and with a lot of TLC.

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