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Sterling Silver Octopus Ring

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Heavy 925 sterling silver gothic octopus ring ~New

  • made of 100% sterling silver;
  • ring’s weight is 30 grams;
  • ring face dimensions: 20 mm x 35 mm (approximately 0.8” x 1.4”);
  • this ring is made by hand.

Lions, wolves, eagles… these animals are men’s favorite. You won’t wow anyone with a ring depicting one of those animals. But how about a beast from the depths of the ocean? Mysterious and quirky, an octopus is fraught with more surprises than you could even imagine. A sterling silver octopus ring is a nice idea for those men who want to astound, shock, and impress.

Our ancestors vested many supernatural powers and abilities in an octopus. A talisman shaped like an octopus promised that you could have some of those qualities to yourself. Since the eight-tentacle sea creatures have two hearts, they became a long-standing symbol of health and well-being. On top of that, due to the fact that an octopus can regrow its tentacles, people considered it immortal. If you wear a sign of immortality you won’t live forever but you have solid chances of becoming a long-liver. Among other cool meanings of an octopus amulet are mystery, intelligence, agility, fertility, and protection against evil spirits.If you want to tame the power of an octopus, you need a worthy talisman. We crafted this octopus-themed ring with respect to the mysterious sea creature. Therefore, it was molded and polished by hand. We did not spare silver; therefore, the ring boasts a solid weight of 30 grams.

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