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Sterling Silver Octopus Mens Cuff Bracelet

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A choice of a bold fashionista, this Sterling Silver Octopus Men’s Cuff Bracelet is ideal if you want to gather looks from near and far. It is made solid, large, and commanding attention – just what you need to stand out.

This bracelet pays tribute to an enigmatic and beguiling creature of the deep sea, the octopus. It is steeped in legends, it instills fear in some people and admiration in others, but one thing is for sure – it doesn’t leave anyone indifferent. Octopus is powerful in its symbolic significance. Because it has three hearts and the power of regeneration, it became a symbol of long life and immortality. Its large brain and developed nervous system made it a symbol of wisdom and intelligence. Its ability to mask its retreat with a cloud of ink made it a master of disguise and simultaneously a symbol of mystery. Whatever of these meanings is to your liking, this octopus cuff bracelet is a sure way to display your admiration for the eight-legged creature.We made this bracelet large and sturdy so that everyone can see an octopus on your wrist. The stern expression on its face tells everyone around that you’re not a person to mess with. We recreated the signature tentacles and suction cups with great attention to detail and respect to the cephalopod. To make every feature clearly visible, we polished raised elements while darkening the recessed parts.

The bracelet is crafted from noble sterling silver and it weighs whopping 174 grams. You will surely like wearing this beautiful heft on your wrist. As always, we craft and polish every piece by hand to preserve its individual features and maximize quality.

  • 100% polished solid sterling silver
  • Stamp 925 trademark
  • Cuff face measure : 75mm x 68mm.
  • Solid sterling silver weight: 174 Grams
  • Cuff size 8.5" - 9" inches
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