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Sterling Silver Octopus Ladies Ring

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Garnet eyes octopus sterling silver adjustable ladies ring ~New

  • Material: solid 925 sterling silver;
  • 925 hallmark sits inside the band;
  • The ring adjusts between US 5-8 sizes;
  • Weight: 11 grams;
  • Band width: 15 mm;
  • Made by hand.

This ring is an unexpected choice for a lady. Still, you can’t deny its eye-catching quality. Explore the unconventional beauty and deep symbolism of our Sterling Silver Octopus Ladies Ring.

An octopus is a mysterious dweller of ocean depths. Since time immemorial, people have been mesmerized by its talents. An octopus is a master of disguise. It is an intelligent creature full of nobility (it literally has blue blood). Some people sincerely believe that octopuses bestow a long and healthy life because they are symbols of immortality. Indeed, they have two hearts and regeneration powers; hence, they can avoid the Grim Reaper for eternity. On top of that, octopuses are a symbol of fertility and parenthood. If any of these meanings resonate with you, go ahead and try our octopus ring.

This piece provides a familiar silhouette of the eight-tentacle creature. It wraps around your finger to give your look a stylish upgrade. This particular octopus is a friendly creature, and it will tighten or loosen its embraces to perfectly fit your finger. It is suitable for the US sizes from 5 to 8.

This piece is made of solid sterling silver and is adorned with two red cabochons. Just like any other ring in our catalogue, it is cast and finished by hand.

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