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Sterling Silver Medium Black Spider Ring

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  • constructed from noble 925 sterling silver;
  • 925 hallmark stamp sits on the ring’s setting, just below the spider;
  • Features a flat black stone;
  • Ring’s weight: 17 grams;
  • Face measures 19 mm x 23 mm (0.75” x 0.90”);
  • This is a hand-made piece.

A spider is a mysterious and dangerous animal yet it possesses incredible strength, so appealing to human beings. If you’re in awe of these remarkable representatives of the Arachnid family, you can showcase your respect with our Medium Black Spider Ring.

The very look of a spider oozes the vibes of danger, death, pain, and suffering. Indeed, these animals are perilous but myths and legends provide us with many commendable meanings. They say that spiders and their web represent the universe itself. Spiders are hard-workers because they weave their web day and night. Their web is so beautiful that it became a symbol of craftsmen and artists. On top of that, spiders are protectors. So, if you’re a hard-worker yourself, especially if you’re involved in something creative, then a spider talisman is as good as it gets.We made this talisman ring of sterling silver, partly polished and partly oxidized to showcase its beauty and fickleness. The sides of the ring carry a thick web and its center accommodates a large spider. It sits on a polished black gem that becomes a perfect backdrop for something that beautiful and beguiling that is a spider. We crafted this piece by hand, just like we always do.

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