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Sterling Silver Lion Head Pendant

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A symbol of manhood, courage, supreme power, nobility, and pride, the lion gained extraordinary popularity in the mythology and culture of many nations. As a solar symbol, the lion represents the heat, brilliance, the midday Sun, fire, magnificence, strength, stamina, justice, law, and military power. On the other hand, the lion denotes cruelty, ferocity, and animal lifestyle. He is a symbol of war and the gods of war. Be that as it may, the lion is one of the most powerful male symbols, so every man dreams of hitting pay dirt with lion jewelry. If you are one of those who are looking for jewelry up there with you in masculinity, take a look at this Sterling Silver Lion Head Pendant.We crafted it from top-grade sterling silver as hardy as real men and as brilliant as the best of us. This noble metal is low maintenance and able to withstand all the rigors of everyday wear. On top of its easy on the eye appearance, silver lets us craft every detail with precision. Just look at the lion’s mane and the stern expression on his face, they are executed with great accuracy and attention to detail. To help this sculpture-like design stand out even more, we darkened recessed parts and polished the protruding ones. In every step of the manufacturing process, we used only the skillful hands of our talented artisans – no machinery or conveyors.

    • top-notch sterling silver;
    • 925 hallmark stamp on the ring and the loop;
    • pendant’s weight: 40 grams;
    • pendant’s dimensions: 1” x 2 1/8” (25 mm x 54 mm);
    • hand-made product.
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