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Sterling Silver Japanese Koi Fish Turquoise Mens Ring

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Sterling Silver Japanese Koi Fish Turquoise Mens Ring New

  • Crafted from 925 sterling silver;
  • The ring’s interior carries 925 hallmark stamp;
  • Natural turquoise inlay;
  • Ring’s weight: 32 grams;
  • Ring face dimensions: 23 mm x 28 mm;
  • This ring is made by hand.

Sterling Silver Japanese Koi Fish Turquoise Mens Ring is catnip for every connoisseur of Eastern culture. While taking cues from traditional Japanese symbols, it features just the right amount of modernity.

The very heart of the ring accommodates a vibrant turquoise stone. This gorgeous mineral commands attention wherever you go and whatever you do. Turquoise is of particular interest for those born in December because it is the birthstone for the last month of the year. Besides that, turquoise is a symbol of friendship, good luck, and peace in one’s home.

The beautiful stone is guarded by a couple of Koi Carps. They represent friendship as well. On top of that, they denote love, affection, fidelity, loyalty, transformation, and strength. Rings featuring two carp fishes are original and meaningful wedding jewelry. The carps swim in turbulent waters – you can see waves embellishing the shank – but the elements can’t hurt them. On the contrary, they make these beautiful creatures stronger. There is even a legend that carps koi that can swim up the stream to the mouth of the river turn into dragons.

This ring is made of solid sterling silver, which perfectly conveys the nobility of monochromatic imagery and emphasizes the beauty of turquoise. Since our goal is to pay tribute to traditional Japanese art, we made this piece in a traditional manner, i.e. by hand.

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