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Sterling Silver Ganesha Tusk Pendant

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  • crafted from 925 sterling silver;
  • pendant size: 12mm x 60mm
  • 14K gold plated detail;
  • Pendant weight : 11 Grams
  • “Oriental Vibrations” is carved alongside tribal floral pattern;
  • the piece is hand-made and manually polished;
  • is perfectly combined with silver chains and leather cords (not included)

Ganesha is one of the most loved Hindu deities. He is considered to be the patron of commerce, creative people, as well as the god of prosperity. It is believed that he removes obstacles from the path of those who seek success. Ganesha is depicted as squat, with a big belly, four or more hands, and an elephant's head with one tusk. This god is extremely loving, sweet, polite, and gentle, but along with that, he is very hefty. Ganesha is strong enough to clear a path to success for those who worship him. At the same time, he carries so much love within him so that you don’t have to worry that he might turn his strength against you. So, if you are looking for a talisman that would protect you and inspire to new achievements, our Ganesha Task Pendant will become your lucky charm.Forged in the shape of Ganesha’s tusk, this pendant features raised floral patterns that stand out against darkened silver. The engraving “Oriental Vibrations” emphasizes its ancient Eastern vibe. The base carrying the embossed image of Ganesha and framed with patterns that mirror those of the task is plated with 14K gold & 925 sterling silver. The combination of lustrous gold and polished 925 sterling silver will surely capture an eye of every passer-by. Complement it with a medium-size silver necklace or black leather cord from our collections and Ganesha Task Pendant will guard and protect you every step of the way.

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