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Sterling Silver Ganesh Pendant Necklace

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Sterling Silver Ganesh Pendant Necklace

  • crafted from high-grade sterling silver;
  • 925 hallmark is found on the back;
  • Weight: 19 grams;
  • Size: 30 mm x 53 mm;
  • Available with a 18” x 3 mm black leather cord.

A deity that is known for his ability to remove any obstacles that may be in his way, Ganesh is the perfect symbol for any bankers, businessmen, intellects and authors who may be inclined to wear this Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace. This Hindu god is one of the most instantly recognizable, thanks to his unusual elephant head and is considered to be one of the wisest and most successful of the immortal beings.

Every part of the Ganesh body is symbolic for one or more reasons. For example, he has large ears, to encourage us to listen more, and only one tusk, reminding us to keep what is good and lose what is bad. His large stomach shows us to digest all that is good and bad, while his rope shows us that we must pull ourselves upwards to reach our goals.Beautifully nestled in an attractive pendant shape, this high-quality 925 sterling silver design has been carefully crafted to ensure all the important elements have been faithfully depicted. Surrounded by attractive clear stones to add a luxurious edge and featuring a delightful gold-plated design on the back, this is an unusual piece that allows you to find something new each time you gaze upon it.

This 19g pendant sits upon an 18” black leather cord that is stylish enough to accentuate the design without distracting from the intricate detailing. This is a large, heavy piece that has been made to encourage you to focus on your goals without interference.

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