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Sterling Silver Evil Eye Eyeball Hoop Earrings

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Sterling Silver Evil Eye Eyeball Hoop Earrings New

  • Constructed from 925 sterling silver;
  • Eyeballs are made of polymer material;
  • Both earrings carry 925 hallmark stamp;
  • Hoop diameter – 13 mm (0.5”);
  • Eyeball diameter – 5 mm (0.2”);
  • Hand-made earrings.

Whether you’re looking for eccentric accessories for Halloween or quaintness is your personal style, these Sterling Silver Evil Eye Eyeball Hoop Earrings are worthy of consideration. They are not particularly large – 13 mm in diameter - but we promise they’ll bring attention from near and far.

Both earrings feature the so-called evil eyes. Popular in the Middle East and Mediterranean countries, these eyes are powerful symbols of protection. Blue eyes are the strongest because it is believed that evil is scared of pure blue color. Evil eyes detect and divert any kind of negativity whether it is jealousy, malevolent gazes, bad thoughts, curses, jinxes, hexes, etc. In order to deliver what they are capable of, evil eyes should be put on display – earrings are the perfect medium for their guarding potential.

We crafted these earrings from 925 sterling silver since it is able to enhance the positive vibrations coming from protective symbols. By the way, if you take a look at the back of the earrings, you’ll see the hallmark stamp referring to silver (925) alongside our proprietary GV engraving standing for Good Vibrations.

The earrings feature rope-like detailing along the edging and circular carving enhanced with blackening. All this quirkiness is made by hand to deliver the best quality possible.

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