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Sterling Silver Dragon Mens Necklace

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Large & Heavy Sterling Silver Dragon Mens Necklace

  • Made of solid 925 sterling silver;
  • Hook clasp features 925 hallmark stamp;
  • Necklace weight: approximately 335 grams;
  • Link width: 19 mm (3/4”);
  • Made by hand.

Men demand imposing jewelry, and we’re happy to grant their wishes with this Sterling Silver Dragon Mens Necklace. 330 grams of silver crafted with great finesse is all you need to stand out.

This necklace is assembled of large rectangular links with rounded corners. Every link is 19 mm in width, and it’s a generous canvas to bring our bold design ideas to life. First of all, the necklace is as if covered with dragon scales due to an intricately made raised texture. Then, we added curvy patterns to the side of every link and darkened them to maximize the wow effect. And finally, we polished the links to help them attract even more attention to your persona.

The necklace’s clasp deserves even more praise. While the links provide a playful take on the idea of dragon scale, the clasp realizes it to its full capacity. It is not exactly a clasp that holds this necklace in place, it is a Chinese dragon. You can recognize it by its horns, mustache, and a large nose. Its tail curves the way to provide a strong and easy-to-use hook closure. Thanks to this amazing design, the hook becomes an eye-catching embellishment.

We always craft our jewelry by hand, and things are no different when it comes to this necklace. Excellent craftsmanship and strong attention to every detail guarantee that this piece is highly likable.

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