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Sterling Silver Dark Blue Evil Eye Adjustable Ring

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Sterling Silver Dark Blue Evil Eye Adjustable Ring New

  • Made of sterling silver and polymer material;
  • The ring’s interior features a 925 hallmark stamp;
  • Adjusts between US 6.5-12 sizes;
  • Face dimensions: 20 mm x 20 mm (¾” x ¾”);
  • Handcrafted ring.

This Sterling Silver Dark Blue Evil Eye Adjustable Ring isn’t just a quirky accessory. It features a powerful protective symbol to keep hostile spirits at bay.

It is impossible to ignore a large bulging eye this ring carries. Since time immemorial, eyes represented protection against adversity. Evil eyes have the strongest potential to drive away malevolent gazes, that’s why we incorporated one of these symbols in our rings. It is believed that blue color is able to enhance the protective powers of any talisman, so our eye is blue for a good reason.

The eye is framed by sterling silver, a noble and beautiful material possessing its own metaphysic properties. Combined with protective symbols, it enhances their power. We made the ring’s setting deliberately rugged to introduce an interesting play of light and shade. At the same time, a polished finish is there to attract attention and repel negativity.

This ring will fit almost every individual thanks to an adjustable band. You can change the ring size in the range from US 6.5 to 12. This ring, as well as many other pieces in our collection, is made by hand. This is essential for amulets and talismans because a touch of human hands helps realize their full potential. Plus, it guarantees strong attention to detail and perfection in execution.

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