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Sterling Silver Biker Fist Pendant Necklace

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Sterling Silver Biker Fist Pendant Necklace

  • material – 925 sterling silver;
  • 925 hallmark can be found on the pendant’s back;
  • Weight – 9 grams;
  • Size – 20 mm x 26 mm (0.8”x 1”);
  • A 2-mm silver necklace is available at an extra cost;
  • Hand-made product.

Sterling Silver Biker Fist Pendant Necklace is one of the most unique pieces of jewelry Bikerringshop provides. Thanks to its inimitable design, the sheen of polished silver, and more than discreet size, this pendant will put you under the spotlight wherever you are.

The fist design exudes power, masculinity, and readiness to fight for things you value. But look closer, this fist carries some pretty peculiar rings. Every one of them has a profound meaning for an avid motorcyclist. The Iron Cross is synonymous with bikers and their rebellious nature. The Piece Sign refers to hippies and the heyday of the motorcycling movement. The Love Ring represents love for the biker fraternity and the steel horses it rides. Finally, the ring carrying the 1 symbol, or more precisely 1%, presents motorcycle gangs and outlaws. As you can see, biker symbolism is both peaceful and warlike, it unites and separates, it is different but familiar to everyone. Most importantly, it never disappoints. You can have it all with a single piece of jewelry.This pendant is crafted from high-grade sterling silver. It is light yet durable, shiny thanks to polishing and dark due to blackening. We molded and finished it by hand because you deserve unparalleled quality and a touch of individuality.

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