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Sterling Silver Ankh Stud Earrings

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925 Sterling Silver Ankh Stud Earrings New

  • Crafted from top-tier 925 sterling silver;
  • Gothic Ankh design;
  • Earrings’ measurements: 7 mm x 16 mm (0.25” x 0.60”);
  • Earrings made by hand.

An ancient symbol of eternal life is now available for your ears, too. Miniature, rugged, and expertly made, our Sterling Silver Ankh Stud Earrings are true catnip for a Gothic enthusiast.

Why do we love Ankhs? In Ancient Egypt, it symbolized life, immortality, eternity, wisdom, and protection. Ankh refers to the divine and endless life. Egyptian gods breathed life into pharaohs through ankhs. So, this symbol, even in its modern reincarnation, is able to offer a deep and attractive significance.

Modern interpretations throw vampirism and mystery to the mixture of meanings. The symbol came on the scene once again in the 1970s when it turned into an eye-catching pendant for the Hunger movie. Worn by vampires, it immediately became sought-after among the Goths and everyone who believes in blood-sucking creatures. Today, Ankh is still an appealing symbol and every bold fashionista is honored to get in into her or his jewelry collection. So, these ankh earrings are an ornament you should consider.

We crafted them from top-quality sterling silver, which is ideal for jewelry featuring strong protective and mystical qualities. The earrings’ design combines carefully polished elements with artificially aged ones. On the back of the earrings, you’ll notice our trademark g.v. carving standing for good vibrations. This is because we craft our jewelry with love hoping it will serve you well as a talisman. Traditionally, every piece in our inventory is made by hand.

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