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Spike Pyramid Silver Pendant

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  • Crafted from solid sterling silver;
  • Hand-made piece;
  • 925 stamp on the loop;
  • Pendant weight : 6 Grams;
  • Pendant size: 12mm x 45mm;
  • You can pair it with a silver or leather cord;

This dramatic and edgy pendant draws in interest with a single glance. The oblong pyramid shape and tribal patterns make it a sought-after item among Goths and people who admire mystical symbolism.

This pendant is assembled from three similar triangles that constitute a pyramid. In the esoteric sense, a triangle contains the laws of the cosmic universe. This sign reflects both the hermetic law of polarity and the philosophical principle of the unity and struggle of opposites. A triangle consists of three sides; three is two plus one, which corresponds to the Tao philosophy where Yin and Yang, male and female principles, are combined in perfect harmony. This said, a triangle can symbolize men and women alike. When facing upwards, a triangle denotes a female while downwards positioning implies a male.Aside from its meaning as a triple triangle, a pyramid has its own symbolism. People have always seen sacred meaning in pyramids. They were used to communicate with otherworldly forces. It was believed that a pyramid can help a person to defend himself from harm and negativity. In addition, if you wear a pyramid-shaped talisman, it will absorb negative energy and convert it into positive energy.

Our Spike Pyramid Silver Pendant will become your talisman if you believe in its protective properties. Not only is it able to become your totem but also a stylish and elegant accessory. You will be enchanted and engrossed with swirly patterns placed at every side of the pyramid along with the top detail and originally-shaped loop. The pendant is made by hand from quality sterling silver.

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