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Silver Warrior Dragon Pendant

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  • crafted from high-grade 925 sterling silver;
  • the 925 hallmark stamp is placed on the back of the pendant;
  • product’s size: 1 3/8” x 2” (35 mm x 45 mm);
  • pendant weight : 15 Grams
  • embellished with a clear CZ stone;
  • we made this pendant by hand.

Double dragon means twice as much protection, mystical power, and patronage. When one dragon is not enough, this Silver Warrior Dragon Pendant will come to rescue.

In Eastern mythology, the dragon is an intelligent creature that helps people in distress. It can give advice, reward wealth and fortune, or protect from evil forces and troubles. However, the dragon helps only good people, so you have to earn his trust.This pendant depicts dragons according to Eastern tradition. They have intelligent faces, long mustaches, horns on the head, and a long snake-like wingless body. Two dragons might mean the struggle of good and evil, positive and negative, day and night. It depends only on you which side will prevail. Also, a duet of dragons can symbolize rivalry and the will to win. At the same time, they might be friends guarding something valuable, just like this shiny stone in the center. In fact, each person can interpret this pendant in their own way. In the end, if you do not believe in mysticism and otherworldly forces, this is just a beautiful piece of jewelry worthy of the honor of being in your jewelry collection.

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