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Silver Tiger Head Leather Chain Bracelet

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Sterling Silver Tiger Head & Genuine Leather Chain Bracelet

  • made of 925 sterling silver and genuine cowhide leather;
  • 925 hallmark can be found on the back of the tiger head element;
  • Weight: 45 grams;
  • Tiger head size: 26 mm x 29 mm (1.00” 1.15”);
  • Bracelet width: 14 mm (5/8”);
  • Hand-made piece.

Looking for a meaningful, beautiful, and resilient men’s bracelet? Our Silver Tiger Head Leather Chain Bracelet checks all the boxes. You’ll love every second of it being on your wrist.

The focal point of this piece is a tiger head made of sterling silver. We crafted it by hand meaning we added as many eye-catching details as possible. You can clearly see the signature tiger stripes, the stern expression on its face, and a frightening grin. The tiger head is also part of the closure. To secure the bracelet, you need to put the hook part through the tiger’s mouth.It may be a tad uncomfortable to wear bracelets fully made of silver due to their weight and jingling. This piece is a different story. Instead of silver, we utilized genuine leather to connect the tiger head and its tail aka the closure. Supple yet durable leather ensures a comfortable fit and it is nice to the touch. Plus, a blend of white courtesy of silver and black thanks to dyed leather is a versatile and stylish-looking solution.

We always craft our jewelry by hand and this piece is no exception. The tiger head was cast and finished manually and the same goes for braiding the leather chain.

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