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Silver Octopus Womens Ring

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Sterling Silver Small Octopus Womens Ring ~New

  • Made of 100% sterling silver;
  • 925 hallmark stamp inside the band;
  • the product’s weight is 6 grams;
  • face dimensions: 19 mm x 21 mm (0.75” x 0.8”)
  • we made this piece of jewelry by hand.

If you’re in need of an original accessory to set you apart in a crowd, this Silver Octopus Womens Ring will do nicely. It lends itself well to showcase your individuality and taste for incongruous body ornaments. Besides being unique in its appearance, this ring carries a few interesting meanings.

Because an octopus has two hearts and can regrow severed tentacles, it became an enduring symbol of health, vitality, and immortality. Not only that, but the image of this mollusk is bristling with other meanings. It stands for intelligence (because octopuses have gigantic brains), flexibility (it can get through tiny holes), and mystery (it shoots a cloud of ink to disappear like a magician). Last but not least, octopuses symbolize motherhood and fertility. It is because a female octopus lays about 150 thousand eggs in her lifetime. Therefore, a ring depicting this mysterious but adorable creature would be a nice gift to a woman.

Just like every other item in our collections, it is hand-made by our talented and skillful artisans. We vouch for manual production because it guarantees attention to detail and fine quality. On top of that, it provides a touch of individuality that adds extra value (and hopefully, appreciation) to our products.

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