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Silver Green Moonstone Gothic Pendant

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Sterling Silver Green Moonstone Gothic Pendant

  • the pendant is crafted from 925 sterling silver;
  • 925 hallmark is stamped on the pendant’s loop;
  • features a large green moonstone framed by small clear CZ stones;
  • pendant’s weight – 17 grams;
  • pendant’s size: 7/8” x 1 5/8” (22 mm x 41 mm);
  • hand-crafted piece of jewelry.

True Gothic has always been elegant and refined. This silver Green Ball Tribal Pendant is the quintessence of Gothic jewelry thanks to floral patterns, the duality of black and white, and a pop of color.

We crafted this piece from durable sterling silver because genuine Gothic jewelry must be silver. This metal is associated with mysticism, afterlife, the night and the moon… Indeed, you can see moonshine in the noble silver sheen and echoes of the night in the blackened elements. At the same time, Gothic is not only about black and white. There are many more colors Gothic enthusiasts can feast an eye on. Take the green color, for instance. It is vibrant and cold, just what you need to bring an artistic quality to your look. The lustrous green moonstone resonates with the radiance of polished silver and the flickering accent gems.We enhanced the sophistication and elegance of this bulbous pendant with floral patterns atop the moonstone. In Gothic, curvy lines and swirls are more than a pattern. Their symbolism originates from the décor of Gothic cathedrals that conveys religious themes.

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