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Silver Dragon Knight Pendant

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  • made of high-quality 925 sterling silver;
  • find 925 hallmark stamp on the back of the pendant;
  • product’s weight is 30 grams;
  • pendant’s dimensions: 55 mm x 40 mm (2.15” x 1.57”);
  • hand-made product.

We all admire dragons. In the East, these flying serpents have been associated with the positive energy of Jing. They are the rulers of the water elements and can fly even without wings. In Western countries, the dragon, on the contrary, was an evil and bloodthirsty creature. Good and evil the dual essence of this mythical beast. That is the reason we seek dragon jewelry as totems or talismans. If you are looking for your patron, this Silver Dragon Knight Pendant is to the point.

Our dragon took the best from both worlds. From the Eastern dragons, he got a simple-minded muzzle, a catfish mustache, and occipital scales. This dragon is a protector, thinker, helper, and faithful friend. At the same time, his short hefty body, wings, and paws are a reference to the image of the Western dragons. They personify the negative aspects of human nature such as greed, ferocity, and deceit. So why wear jewelry with negative meanings? Because without evil, there is no good. If you understand the negative aspects of your personality, you can tame them while cultivating positive traits. That’s the meaning we put into this product.

Silver Dragon Knight Pendant made of sterling silver is great for adherents of the Gothic subculture, fashionistas hunting down original jewelry, and people desperate for the support and patronage of higher powers.

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