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Silver Blue Blossom Pendant

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  • made of top-notch sterling silver;
  • 925 hallmark is stamped on the pendant’s loop;
  • Features a large blue moonstone;
  • Embellished with small clear CZ stones;
  • Pendant’s weight: 17 grams;
  • Its dimension are 7/8” x 1 5/8” (22 mm x 41 mm);
  • We made this product by hand.

An ornament that embodies the beauty of Gothic designs, moonstone mysticism, and the energy of silver definitely deserves your attention. If you want your jewelry to be not only beautiful but also meaningful, then go ahead and hang this Silver Blue Blossom Pendant on your neck.

From Gothic, this pendant adopted exquisite lines, a combination of dark and light colors, and floral patterns. Many centuries ago, when the Gothic architectural style dominated Europe, the buildings were lavishly decorated with flowers, vines, leaves and so on. Later, floral motifs became one of the running themes of Gothic jewelry, and this pendant is no exception - you can see blossom silhouettes right atop the blue moonstone sphere.Moonstone is known for its intriguing significance. They say that this mineral is a talisman of love. It helps express your thoughts beautifully and accurately as well as it brings fidelity and understanding to lovers. In addition, its delicate luster softens in temper, makes a person more sensual and gentle, and also reduces stress. Combined with silver, a moonstone will protect you from uncontrolled outbursts of anger and heal from insomnia. To help the lunar mineral shine even brighter, we surrounded it with small sparkling stones and polished silver to shine like a new pin.

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