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Rosary Praying Hands Pendant

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Sterling Silver Brass Rosary Praying Hands Pendant

  • constructed from genuine 925 sterling silver;
  • features brass inlays;
  • 925 hallmark is stamped on the pendant’s back;
  • item’s weight: 12 grams;
  • face dimensions: 18 mm x 32 mm (0.70” x 1.25”);
  • hand-made product.

If you are looking for a way to show your spirituality but you don’t want to wear a cross, our Rosary Praying Hands Pendant is your best choice. Christian symbolism and nobility of silver merged into one another to offer up a meaningful piece of jewelry.

This amazing pendant provides so many nice details to please the eye. The focal point of the entire piece is two hands put together to pray. These hands hold a rosary, one of the most recognizable symbols of the Christian faith. Along the pendant’s edging, you can see a rim with the Good Vibrations inscription crafted in a brass finish to stand against an otherwise silver background.The back of the pendant is as interesting as its face. Just flip this piece to see an icon of a praying Virgin Mary. Made in a brass finish, it mirrors the design of the pendant’s front side. With this gorgeous piece of jewelry, you will, in fact, have two pendants with cohesive but dissimilar designs. Show one of its sides today and save the other one for tomorrow!

We made this item by hand, just like every other article we have in our catalogs. The pendant owes its beauty and durability to solid sterling silver that constitutes its core. Both sides of the product feature brass inlays. The pendant doesn’t come with a necklace but you can easily found one in the Bikerringshop necklace collection.

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