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Rocker Silver Cross Shield Pendant

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  • crafted from 925 silver;
  • features brass inserts;
  • 925 hallmark sits on the pendant’s back;
  • Pendant’s weight: 16 grams;
  • Pendant’s dimensions: 1” x 1 5/8” (25 mm x 41 mm);
  • Molded and polished by hand.

What makes jewelry Gothic? The right answer is religious underlying, chivalrous symbolism, and mysterious sheen of silver. The Rocker Silver Cross Shield Pendant by Bikerringshop has it all. You’ll be delighted to wear this epitome of Gothic jewelry around your neck.

We shaped this pendant like a shield to take you back in time when chivalry and nobility weren't just abstract terms. Knights and all the things associated with them (lances, armor, swords, shields, etc.) is a running theme in Gothic since knight Orders fought to spread and protect Christianity. Basically, Gothic stemmed from Christianity because the very first manifestations of this style were seen in magnificent temples and cathedrals.This necklace couldn’t escape religious inspiration either. An elegant cross in the brass finish is a focal point of the entire piece. To make religious symbolism even more prominent, we added Santo Mondo Portare carvings all over the shield (bring the holy world).

Except for the brass cross, the whole piece is made of 925 silver, the favorite metal in Gothic art. We have no doubt that you’ll enjoy wearing this large, elegant, and shiny piece on your chest. Just complement it with a silver or leather necklace (we have plenty of options in our catalog) and captivating looks are guaranteed!

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