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Red Eye Gothic Ring

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Red eye claw sterling silver gothic ring ~new

  • 925 sterling silver;
  • 925 hallmark stamp inside the band;
  • Ring weight is 19 grams;
  • Ring face dimensions – 7/8” x 7/8”
  • Hand-made piece.

What a quirky and eccentric Gothic red eye ring this is. If you like congruous, out of the ordinary jewelry, this ring is just what the doctor ordered. It calls out for a bold individual with confidence in himself and the ability to pull it off with swag.

Like many men's jewelry products in our collection, this ring benefits from mysterious and somewhat outrageous skull symbolism. The three skulls atop the ring’s head as if watching over and guarding the ring and the one who wears it. Bikers believe that the skull is a patron saint who drives death away and helps cope with adversity. Well, with this ring, you will have three skulls to guard you.The focal point of this piece is a huge dragon eye.

This time, the design takes us to the Gothic style, where dragons are revered and loved. Just like the skulls, it can become your prop and support when life doesn’t treat you right. Plus, they say that dragons are wise and intelligent creatures, perhaps it can share its sacred knowledge with you. The bony hands holding the eye don’t have a particular meaning but you can elaborate on their significance. Do they denote that you tamed the power of the dragon? Or maybe they mean that everything is mortal? Jewelry with dual (and even more) meanings is always more exciting, isn’t it?

The ring is cast by hand of sterling silver while the eye is made of polymer clay.

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