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Red Evil Eye Gothic Ring

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Red Evil Eye Gothic Ring Sterling Silver New

  • Crafted from premium 925 sterling silver;
  • 925 hallmark is stamped inside the band;
  • Ring weight: 20 grams;
  • Face dimensions: 28 mm x 20 mm (1.1” x 0.8”);
  • Cast and finished by hand

Protective symbols have many shapes and forms. Some of the quirkiest of them are evil eyes. Don’t worry, they are evil not because they want to harm you but because they guard against evil along with bad thoughts and intentions. With Red Evil Eye Gothic Ring, you can have a talisman that is as powerful as it is amusing.

The focal point of this ring is a large red eye. We made it red to instill fear in ill-wishers and evil entities. The eye is inserted in a silver setting covered with cryptic engravings. They say that silver possesses powerful mystical properties that make it a perfect choice for talismans and amulets. Well, sterling silver featuring the purest alloy for jewelry-making (92.5% of pure silver) is definitely an enhancer for the evil eye symbol.

Perfectly smooth and shiny, silver helps deflect negative energies and attract more attention to the evil eye thus help it realize its full potential. To add an interesting flair to this piece, we adorned it with engraved Gothic symbols featuring a contrasting black finish. As always, we craft our jewelry by hand, and this evil eye ring isn’t different. The caring hands of our talented silversmiths enhance the individuality of every piece and make sure its wearability and appearance meet the highest standards.

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