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Large Scorpion Pendant

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Sterling Silver Large Scorpion Pendant New

  • made of top-grade sterling silver;
  • 925 hallmark stamp is on the pendant’s back;
  • Approximate weight: 18 grams;
  • Pendant’s dimensions: 31 mm x 45 mm (1.20” x 1.75”);
  • Hand-crafted product;
  • A necklace is not included.

Looking for unique jewelry to show off your personality? Our large scorpion pendant is a piece to rely on. It will come in very handy for those born under the Scorpio sign as well as arachnophiles.

There are plenty of reasons to choose a scorpion as your talisman or totem. Among the peoples of Africa, it was praised for fairness, resilience, and intransigence. People who had these traits were often associated with the arachnids. Native Americans deified scorpions considering them an incarnate mother goddess who ruled over the souls of the dead. Summing up, the symbol of the scorpion carried the significance of danger, strength, loneliness, relentlessness, and justice. If any of these meanings resonate with you, don’t be afraid to tame a scorpion as your talisman.We crafted this pendant with great respect for the arachnid animal. This large (the same size as a real scorpion) piece showcases its most prominent features in high definition. Four pairs of legs, two pincer arms, and a curved tail with a stinger, everything is exactly as Mother Nature created.

We made this piece of 925 sterling silver, highly polished to maximize its attention-grabbing quality. 925 hallmark stamp, as proof of authenticity, sits on the pendant’s back. We make every single piece in our assortment by hand, and this audacious scorpion is no exception.

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