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Japanese Maneki-Neko Cat Pendant

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Sterling Silver Good Luck Japanese Maneki-Neko Cat Pendant ~New

  • made of high-grade 925 sterling silver;
  • 925 stamp is placed on the pendant’s back;
  • Pendant’s dimensions: 14 mm x 34 mm (0.55” x 1.33”);
  • Weight: 14 grams;
  • This pendant is molded and polished by hand;
  • A necklace is not included.

Are you a cat person? Then you ought to express your love with a symbol depicting felines. What’s even better, you can go for Maneki-Neko cat, a centuries-old symbol that brings good luck and happiness.

Maneki-Neko, otherwise known as a beckoning cat, is an amulet designed to make its owner prosperous and fortunate. The image of a cat with a raised paw is respected in both Japan and China, and lately, it’s been conquering the Western world. According to Oriental traditions, a white Maneki-Neko symbolizes happiness and purity, and this is exactly what we wanted to convey with our Japanese Maneki-Neko Cat Pendant in the noble silver finish.Everything about the cat’s appearance has a symbolic meaning. Its right paw raised attracts money and good luck, especially if you’re engaged in business. A cat wearing a collar with a bell becomes a protective amulet as well as a symbol of wealth and material abundance. A collar is a manifestation of respect and reverence for the cat, along with care, warmth, and comfort.

The Maneki-Neko pendant is hand-crafted by our talented silversmiths to preserve every statement feature of the Japanese lucky cat. Its back carries a 925 hallmark as proof that it’s made of 925 sterling silver. The pendant doesn’t come with a necklace but you can find a plethora of options in our catalog.

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