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Japanese Guardian Lion-Dog Komainu Pendant

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Sterling Silver Japanese Guardian Lion-Dog Komainu Pendant

  • constructed from 925 sterling silver;
  • 925 hallmark is stamped on the back;
  • Pendant’s weight: 7 grams;
  • Pendant’s size: 13 mm x 33 mm (0.5” x 1.3”);
  • Made by hand;
  • 2mm sterling silver necklace is not included.

Every person needs a patron saint, and the more powerful it is, the better. If you are mesmerized by Japanese culture, maybe you should look for your patron in the myths and legends of the Land of the Rising Sun? Our Japanese Guardian Lion-Dog Komainu Pendant is able to become an excellent good luck talisman, protector, and ally.

Komainu creatures are half dogs, half lions. They are as loyal and protective as the man’s best friend and as brave and strong as the king of the jungle. Its head is turned right because it stands guard over your peace and well-being. We depicted the mythical creature quite traditionally, with its mouth open, ears laid back against the head, and round belly. Whenever you need to summon good luck, just rub its belly and it will come.The bail of the pendant as well as the komainu’s back is decorated with a swirly pattern. We crafted this piece from high-quality sterling silver that bears polished areas alongside contrasting blackened ones. The texture with gentle grooves and a touch of black adds an attractive antique quality to the pendant that is in line with a long history of komainus themselves. The pendant is made by hand to offer you outstanding quality and attention to detail.

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