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Horseshoe Sterling Silver Pendant

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Horseshoe 925 Sterling Silver Pendant

Want your jewelry to be beautiful and meaningful? You’ll surely appreciate this Horseshoe Sterling Silver Pendant boasting good-luck symbolism and exquisite design. With a piece of pure elegance on your neck, good luck and admired glances will pursue you anywhere you go.

Perhaps, there is no such world culture that would not consider a horseshoe a symbol of good luck. Thanks to its universality, this symbol is welcomed and approved no matter where you live. Besides, a horseshoe connected with a star creates a closed circle, which is a powerful esoteric symbol on its own. Wholeness, unity, completeness, constancy, cyclicality, and infinity – these are just a few concepts a circle stands for.

But let’s get back to more obvious symbols incorporated into this pendant. A horseshoe facing up helps accumulate positive energy, health, and love. On top of that, it resembles a cornucopia, otherwise known as the horn of plenty. This means that whatever you wish for, you will get it in abundance.Now let's shift your attention to the star. It is believed that stars affect people and their lives. There is even a saying “born under a lucky star”. Well, we don’t know whether your star was lucky, but this starry pendant will help bring fortune into your life.

We tried our best to give you a pendant that is easy and beautiful to wear. Our expert silversmiths crafted it from solid sterling silver and adorned it with 9 cubic zirconia stones in a stylish black finish. We don’t provide a necklace with this piece but you can find plenty of silver chains and leather cords in our inventory.

  • 100% solid sterling silvers
  • Stamp .925 trademark on the pendant
  • With black CZ stone inlaid
  • Pendant measures: 15mm x 32mm
  • Pendant weight : 3 Grams


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