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Hindu Amulet Ganesh Pendant

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Sterling Silver Hindu Amulet Ganesh Pendant New

Do you enjoy colorful and vibrant Indian culture? You can pay tribute to its centuries-old traditions by wearing jewelry with one of its deities, such as this mesmerizing Hindu Amulet Ganesh Pendant.

This piece of neck jewelry showcases one of the most lovable Hindu deity, Ganesh, the son of Shiva and Parvati. Ganesh's appearance is deceiving. The head of an elephant and a squat, stout body don’t seem to go well together. But Ganesh is the patron saint of people of a subtle mind who are not deceived by the look. If you are able to see a deity in this creature, he will become a loyal friend to you. As the god of wealth and prosperity, he helps people in business and removes obstacles for those who strive for success.In this pendant, Ganesh is depicted with four arms. In two of his hands, he holds a lasso, in the third hand, he has Ladoo, a ball made of sweet chickpea flour, and the fourth hand shows the endowing gesture. As befits a deity, Ganesh is surrounded with treasures – gemstones in vibrant green and pink finish. With his look, he shows that he’s willing to fulfill your coveted desires, you just need to respect him and believe in his powers.

We made this pendant of a solid piece of sterling silver. The raised parts of the design are meticulously polished while the sunken portions are blackened thus giving the whole piece depth and definition. If you wish to hide your saint patron from the prying eyes, you can display the back of the pendant – we made sure to provide an interesting design for this part. As always, this piece of jewelry is made by hand.

  • crafted from high-grade sterling silver;
  • 925 hallmark is found on the bail;
  • With green & red pink CZ stones inlaid;
  • Weight: 12 grams;
  • Size: 22 mm x 40 mm;
  • Sterling silver necklace is not included.
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