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Evil Eye Stud Earrings

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Sterling Silver Evil Eye Stud Earrings New

  • made of top-tier sterling silver;
  • 925 hallmark stamp is on both earrings;
  • Earring diameter – 9 mm;
  • Eyeball diameter – 7 mm;
  • Hand-crafted product.

Are you’re looking for protection against malevolent gazes? To fight fire with fire, you need evil eye jewelry. An eye it features will ward off ill-wishers and evil spirits.

Our Evil Eye Stud Earrings offer one of the coolest ways to incorporate protective symbolism in your look. They are quirky and attention-grabbing, and this is a prerequisite for evil eye talisman to work. The more attention they get, the more potent they become. This pair of blue eyes is bound to command interest because it is not every day that you see something this unique. By the way, do you know why the eyes are blue? The blue color possesses some of the strongest protective properties, this is why.

While the eyeballs are made of polymer material, the setting is 925 sterling silver. Featuring unique magical properties, the metal is perfect for talisman and amulet jewelry. The setting features round patterns that correspond to the roundness of the eyeball. We carefully polished the noble metal to enhance its eye-grabbing quality and make the earrings even more enjoyable. As always, here at Bikerringshop, we craft every single piece of jewelry by hand to deliver the uniqueness and quality you deserve. If these earrings are not enough, we encourage you to explore our selection of evil eye rings and pendants.

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