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Diamond Eye Crossbones Skull Pendant Necklace

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  • Pendant crafted from top-notch sterling silver;
  • it carries the 925 hallmark stamp on the back;
  • comes with a clear CZ stone in the skull’s right eye socket;
  • the set includes a black leather braided cord with a silver clasp;
  • pendant weight : 18 grams.
  • pendant’s size: 31 mm x 31 mm (1 ¼” x 1 ¼”);
  • necklace’s length is 56 cm (22”), its thickness is 3 mm;
  • the whole piece is hand-made

The favorite symbol of every pirate, the crossbones, is a choice of bold, adventurous, and risky men. You don’t have to be a corsair sailing the open seas under the Jolly Roger banner to make this symbol part of your distinct style. If you have guts to wear it, just do it! In case you’re hunting down jewelry adorned with this symbol, here is a piece worthy of consideration – the Diamond Eye Crossbones Skull Pendant Necklace.The crossbones pendant is a centerpiece of this set. The hardy skull lost one of its eyes in a battle, so it wears a clear CZ stone as a patch. To match its shiny quality, we meticulously polished sterling silver. Now you can look at it like in a mirror and imagine leading an adventurous lifestyle or a formidable pirate. We decided this pendant needed more skulls, so we put a small cranium on the pendant’s loop.

You don’t have to worry about a necklace to go well with this pendant. We already included a 22” leather chord in the black finish so that you can flaunt your neck jewelry right away.

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