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Crow Skull Pendant Sterling Silver

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Small Crow Skull Pendant Sterling Silver Necklace New

  • Material – 925 sterling silver;
  • 925 hallmark sits on the back of the pendant;
  • Weight: 9 grams;
  • Dimensions: 16 mm x 37 mm (0.6” x 1.5”);
  • Bail’s height: 3 mm;
  • A 2 mm silver chain pendant is optional;
  • Hand-made piece of jewelry.

Looking for a skull accessory to give your confidence, protection, and badass quality? Why not try animal skull jewelry? Crow Skull Pendant Sterling Silver from Bikerringshop has it all and even more. Made of quality materials and with an eye-catching silhouette, this pendant is all you need to command attention.

Crow skulls carry the same meaning as human skulls. They represent death, mystery, cyclicality of life, resurrection, wisdom, intelligence, and knowledge. As you can see, they have a mixture of positive and negative meanings, which make them a complex multidimensional symbol. Along with that, crow skulls provide a more unique silhouette thanks to their beaks. It’s true to say that their pulling power is greater than that of regular skulls.

We crafted this pendant of sterling silver, which alternates highly polished and darkened parts for a dramatic effect. Silver is the best choice for amulets and talismans because of its mysterious powers. Silver and skull symbols make a perfect duo, and their powers are mutually enhanced. Just like many other pieces in our inventory, this pendant is made by hand. Make sure to add a 2 mm silver chain necklace to your order to make this pendant wear-ready.

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