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Brass Tribal Skull Gothic Wallet Chain

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Brass Tribal Skull Gothic Wallet Chain New

  • Made of solid brass;
  • Chain length – 23” (58 cm.);
  • Link width – 9 mm;
  • Weight – 143 grams;
  • Assembled and polished by hand.

While everyone around is flaunting silver and steel, you can effortlessly stand out with a piece of brass, expertly designed and made to last. Our Brass Tribal Skull Gothic Wallet Chain is constructed to secure your belongings but it does it in a stylish and badass way.

The wallet chain is assembled from a handful of uniquely shaped links. Their fluid nature-inspired shape is a tribute to Gothic style, which has plant and floral motifs as one of its pillars. The chain is attached to a lobster clasp closures on one side and an S hook on the other. Both elements are highly decorated because …why not? The clasp features flame patterns, carving on the base, and a raised flower design. The S hook plays with the shape of bones – it is as if assembled from small bones. The focal point of this element, however, is a demon skull. In its widely opened mouth, it holds a black gem. The same gem adorns the sides of its mouth. The shiny appearance of the stone beautifully contrasts with the artificially aged chain.

The chain is made of high-quality brass. 134 grams of solid metal isn’t a joking matter, it will instantly add seriousness to your image while providing the utmost security for your wallet. Over time, brass will take greenish hues to complete the already retro design. Like many other items in our catalog, this wallet chain is crafted by hand.

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