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Blue Stone Spider Ring

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  • We crafted this ring from 925 sterling silver;
  • 925 hallmark can be found on the ring’s exterior;
  • comes with a CZ stone in a blue finish;
  • ring face dimensions: 22 mm x 28 mm (0.85” x 1.10”);
  • weight: 27 grams;
  • the ring is made by hand.

Nothing catches the eye like an original piece of jewelry, especially of an imposing size. This Blue Stone Spider Ring is exactly of this kind. A huge spider atop a massive azure stone will surely make your presence felt.

While there are plenty of arachnophobes out there, we cannot help to admire how hardworking and skillful arachnoids are. Day and night they weave intricate webs to survive. Just like ingenious artists, they create new masterpieces every day. Thanks to a long pull and devotion, spiders became patron saints of conscientious people. Artists and creative individuals will also appreciate spider’s efforts to weave beautiful webs.A huge spider became the main hero of this ring. It guards a large stone in a sky-blue finish while waiting for a pray to get into his webs. The blue stone contrasts the cold sheen of polished silver and dark appearance of rugged elements. The whole piece is made by hand to ensure exceptional quality and high aesthetic value. You will enjoy feeling its luxurious weight on your finger.

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